Polish National Geothermal Congress

On the 22nd of September the  GK Processing employees attended the Polish National Geothermal Congress. This year the event was organised in the online version due to the pandemic restrictions and was meant to highlight the major geothermal issues in the form of trailer of the main congress that was postponed to the next year. The event was divided into three panels. During the first panel the experts presented the major facts and figures concerning the development of geothermal energy  in  Poland and Europe. The second one was devoted to  heat generating plants in Poland. At the end the chairmen of the main Polish geothermal units shortly presented the history and the achievements of their organisations. The congress also shed some light on the scale of investment of the Polish governmental institutions in the geothermal energy . The authorities present at the event  confirmed that much public funds will be allocated to the geothermal projects as it is considered to be the most prospective source of renewable energy.