General Info

GK Processing is a Polish company specialised in seismic data processing and   related services,  like seismic data transcription.  GKP  works mainly for the oil &gas industry, however, addressing the  need for renewable energy, it also has been more and more active on the Polish and foreign market of geothermal services. GKP was founded in March 2017 and its establishment was strictly connected with the fact that the oldest and the most renowned Polish geophysical company Geofizyka Kraków  ceased operations As a result, the best and the most experienced processing geophysicists could be employed by a newly established GKP.  The geophysical staff   having on average 15 years of experience   is the biggest GKP asset and a significant advantage in the highly competitive market.

The company is also open to young talented graduates.   Having   good recommendation from the academic background they facilitate the production with innovative and creative ideas. The proficiency of the staff is especially vital as the core software of the company is Omega, the product of Schlumberger. This technology is very advanced and can be operated only by proficient personnel skilful in using this powerful tool. Consequently, the clients are provided with  a very good quality product. 

Adequate, up-to-date local hardware and software resources can be flexibly and cost-effectively  extended to virtually unlimited power of DELFI (Schlumberger) platform.

  The company is located in a modern, well-equipped office,   conveniently located in the Cracow Airport vicinity.

Finally, GK Processing R&D activity is worth mentioning. The company is involved in R&D projects for variety of reasons. First of all, the company is truly client-oriented and always puts much effort to address specific client  problems. Therefore,   it must look for very innovative solutions which is possible only due to research-focused approach. Besides, it aims at dealing with the biggest challenges of the branch.